Off-Plan Property Payments In Dubai – Everything You Need To Know

Off-plan property sales have seen immense growth in Dubai amidst a booming real estate market. Developers are utilising attractive payment schemes to benefit investors and homebuyers. However, the process contains nuances that require careful examination, especially regarding payment plans and schedules. This comprehensive guide provides deeper insights into off-plan payments to inform your decisions.

Payment Plan Types

Developers provide various payment options to ease purchases, often with flexible instalments. Common plans include:


These plans see instalments tied to project milestones, with amounts calculated based on work progress. This allows greater synchronisation of payments with on-site development.


These plans feature instalments due as per a fixed schedule, irrespective of actual construction timelines. They provide date certainty but may require payments before completion.


They allow part payments to be delayed until a later date, usually after project completion, thereby improving cash flows for buyers.

Down Payment

Down payments are typically 10-20% of a property’s value. However, some luxury units mandate up to 50% down. This upfront cost serves as the buyer’s commitment, allowing developers to secure financing for construction.

Before committing, review the schedule thoroughly to understand obligations.  One of our specialists can clarify queries.

Securing Finance

For buyers unable to purchase outright, mortgages may be available. Seek expert advice on financing options before deciding.

Completion and Handover

On project completion, the developer issues a certificate and requires the final payment as per contract. After this, the property is handed over along with ownership papers.

In summary, while off-plan purchases can reap gains, prudent due diligence around payments is vital. Scrutinise all aspects of the plan including milestones, timelines, and cancellation policies. Obtain our property specialists input to avoid missteps. With the right knowledge and preparation, investors can capitalise on Dubai’s lucrative off-plan segment.